Are Your Trees in Trouble?

Tree Dangers

Trees are a great way to help keep your house cool during the summer while also helping to increase the value of your home. However, if you do not properly care for your trees, they can cause serious and expensive damage to your house. Make sure to look out for these signs of trouble in the trees in your yard.

  • V-shaped forks in between branches are more likely to split in two and cause damage than U-shaped ones.
  • Trees that are leaning significantly or look one-sided are at danger at falling onto your property and causing damage.
  • Any limbs that can come in contact with overhead power lines can cause damage to your property, as well as cause damage to the power in your whole neighborhood.
  • If you find any cracks in major limbs or in the trunk of the tree, it can mean that there are structural issues with the tree.
  • Mushrooms that are growing from the bark of the tree can be an indication of a weakened or decaying tree.
  • Branches that cross over each other can rub against each and interfere with each other’s growth, which can weaken the tree overall.
  • Branches that hang over the roof of your house are much more likely to fall and damage your house.

One of the best ways to prevent problems with your tree is to regularly prune it. However, over-pruning can lead to a significantly weaker tree. If you find that you have a damaged, diseased, or dead tree in your yard, can help to limit the spreading of any diseases, as well as reducing the possibility that the tree will damage your property.

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