The Diving Lady.

Starlite  Motel

The Diving Lady first appeared in Mesa in 1960, and has remained one of the most recognizable landmarks in the area for the past 50 years. The sign towers over The Starlite Motel on Main Street in Mesa, AZ. At a height of 78 feet,The Diving Lady was originally over the pool and gave anyone who passed by the impression of what it would be like to enjoy a refreshing dive into their pool.

This piece of Mesa’s history was unfortunately knocked down on October 5, 2010 during a storm. Most of the metal wascrumpled and the neon tubes shattered. The sign was sent off to Graham’s Neon in Mesa, AZ  to be restored. Larry Graham learned the art of neon sign making from the man who originally built The Diving Lady back in 1960. Graham opted to keep the faded look of the sign when restoring it to stay true to the original look of the sign. The $120K  restoration of the sign was paid for by donations from people all over the country.

Brande, Monica and Lori would like to remind you to check out the beauty of The Diving Lady if you have not already had a chance to enjoy thislocal treasure. We would also like to remind you to contact us for all of your insurance needs.