Stress Free Holiday Cooking

Many of you are planning an amazing feast for your family, some of which you may only see this one time of year. So the stakes are high for that perfect, memorable dinner that will keep them coming back year after year.

Creating the “perfect” holiday dinner can also add a lot of stress to the season, with extra shopping, menu planning, cleaning and prepping added into the regular chores of the day. And this stress can not only take its toll physically, but can also cause a higher abundance of household accidents to occur in the kitchen, potentially the most dangerous room in the house. What other room has fire and knives, out in the open, for everyone to use? And when cooking in a rush, while doorbells are ringing and children are crying, it’s easy to forget the proper use of and placement for these potentially dangerous items.

So, a few tips for making it easier (and safer) this holiday season:

Simplify the menu – Think quality over quantity, and create the menu and shopping list ahead of time to limit last minute trips to the supermarket.

Organize your shopping to reduce stress – All of your canned items and liquor and pantry items can be purchased weeks ahead, so the last minute shopping should only be for fresh food items. This allows you to dodge the crowds and get in and out of the store quickly. We’ve all seen that overwhelmed person with an overfilled shopping cart and crying children lagging behind the night before a big holiday, don’t let this be you!

Ask for help! – Your friends and family want to help and spend time with you – this is where the memories are made. You don’t have to do it alone.

Be prepared – Know where your fire extinguisher is and how to use it!

Delegate responsibly – Avoid letting your tipsy Uncle Harry deep fry the turkey. Fryers and grills are best kept to the sober expert.

Keep the little ones out of the kitchen – you may be too distracted to keep your eyes on them – and their little hands – away from the hot burners.

Just a little preparation ahead of time will help keep the stress levels low and the joy levels high!

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