Preparing your Boats and RVs for the warm weather!


Warm weather means the start of boating and camping season. Making sure your boat and RV are in tip-top shape for summer takes a few easy steps.


For your boat:


  • Give the boat a thorough cleaning. Any cracks in the hull or tears in the upholstery should be dealt with immediately.
  • Make sure to replace any items that you had taken out for storage, such as life jackets, radio, and a first aid kit.
  • Connect all electronics, such as the radio and GPS, and make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Check the fluid levels throughout the boat to make sure they are at the proper level.
  • Check the trailer for any damage and make sure the tires are properly inflated.
  • Check the turn signals and brake lights to make sure they are working.


For your Camper or Trailer:


  • Remove all covers, including the ones on the refrigerator and furnace, and check for any damage.
  • Check the tires to make sure they are properly inflated and have enough tread on them. Replace them if it is necessary.
  • Make sure the sealant around the windows and doors is in good condition. Fix any problem areas to ensure that your RV does not have any drafts or air leaks.
  • Check for any unwanted guests, such as mice, spiders, bugs or other critters. Open up all cupboards and storage areas as well as the water heater and refrigerator compartment drawers and get rid of anything you do not want to travel with.
  • Check the levels of all fluids in the engine if you have a motor home, or check the hitch components for any rust wear or damage if you have a towable.

Before your voyage, always make sure to check your insurance plans on your boat and RV to make sure you have the proper coverage. Make any changes that need to be dealt with. Hoey & Saks Insurance Inc, located in Mesa, Arizona, can help get you the right insurance plan for your boat and RV at the best price.