Preparation Tips For College-Bound Kids Leaving The Nest

Sending your child off to college can be an exciting, yet nerve-wrecking time.  You want to make sure your child is prepared, but also has a fun experience. Here are a few things to think about that will ease your mind when dropping them off.
• Does your kid know how to do laundry?  Make sure you teach them the basics.
• How will your child access their money while away at school? Will they open up a savings account and use a debit card, or start to build credit while using a credit card?
• Does your child understand the concept of budgeting? Work with them to figure out a spending plan.

Does your kid know how to set up a doctor’s appointment? If they become ill, you are no longer available to take care of them. Make sure they know how to locate a doctor that is covered under your insurance carrier.
• Have you discussed academic and personal records with your child, and how they should keep/file them?
• Go over all of the campus resources available to students at your child’s prospective school so that they will be more likely to take advantage of all of them.
• It is always smart to send your child off with a stocked first-aid kit. Even for minor cuts, a kit can be very handy.
• Talk to your child about evening safety when walking from one part of campus to the other. Consider sending them off with mace as an added precaution.
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