Our suggestions to safeguard your home against intruders.

Burglaries occur at American homes about every 15 seconds, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. You hear more and more of homes being robbed and families being held at gunpoint.

Here are some of our suggestions to help you safeguard your home:

  • Don’t advertise new purchases: By putting out boxes from a new flat-screen television, video game system, a laptop computer or other expensive home electronics at the curb, you’re showing a potential burglar exactly what new and valuable items are now available in your home
  • Keep your cell phone on and fully charged at night – next to your bed
  • Install deadbolts: The two main types of deadbolts are single and double cylinder locks. A single cylinder deadbolt, about $35, has a keyed opening on one side and a knob that can be turned by hand on the other. A double cylinder deadbolt lock, about $45, is keyed on both sides
  • Leave a light on at night, add motion detectors or lighting with timers
  • Use shades, drapes and other window treatments to keep potentially tempting household items out of view.
  • Keep an outside light on, adequate nighttime illumination is critical and will deter intruders
  • Keep doors and windows locked: Intruders can break into your home at any time
  • Add a burglar alarm: Arm the alarm at all times, again intruders can break into your home at any time – also consider adding video surveillance cameras and motion detectors to deter intruders.
  • Shrubs and trees can offer an intruder places to hide and camouflage signs of a break-in. Trim back any overgrown vegetation so that your home’s windows, porches and doors are visible to neighbors and passersby
  • Make sure your home number is visible to emergency personnel and/or the police
  • Reinforce entry points: add a security door and a peep-hole to the interior door

Use Common Sense:

  • Never open your front door until you know the identity of the person on the other side
  • Never leave key under the door mat, in a planter or under a fake rock
  • Barking dogs also deter unwelcome or uninvited guests
  • Keep a baseball bat, a gun or a can of wasp spray next to your bed
  • If you have a security system, don’t put one of those “Protected By” stickers in your yard. That information can provide enough info to the intruders on how to disable it. Get a generic sticker.

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