Homeowners Insurance: Working to Keep You Protected from the Dangers Your Swimming Pool can Cause

Outdoor hot tub or spa by swimming pool in the winter

As a homeowner with a swimming pool, you will likely be having many guests over to enjoy time by the pool and swimming. Swimming is a fun leisurely activity everyone can enjoy. However, have you thought about the dangers that can come along with it? Anyone can become severely injured by both slipping and falling on the wet floor surrounding the pool, bumping their head on the bottom of the pool, and more. Since the swimming pool is located on your property, you will want to be sure you are protected from legal situations that could be involved with these accidents.

The best way to provide yourself with some safety from these risks is with the help of homeowners insurance coverage. You can include coverage for the swimming pool on your property.

To prevent having to use your homeowners insurance policy for accidents that happen in your own swimming pool, consider adding a fence to surround the pool. Keep the gate to your pool fence secure and keep potential “step-stools” away from the perimeter. It will prevent children from getting too close to the pool and hurting themselves.  Also, be sure you are using efficient covers for the drains around the pool. Without covers, anyone can get stuck in them and become seriously injured. Constant supervision is the ONLY way to reliably prevent drowning. Be sure you are watching and ensuring everyone is using the pool safely. This means no diving near the shallow end, or running around the pool’s edge.

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