Home Security Tips For The Holiday Season

Don’t let an intruder ruin your holiday season with these tips.

The holiday season is one of the busiest travel times of the year. While packing your bag for your holiday vacation, it is important to think of your home security while you are away. Keep these home security tips in mind to ensure that your house stays safe and sound while you are away.

  • Lock up – with everything that you are doing to get out of your house, it can be easy to forget something simple, like making sure everything is locked tight. Right before you leave your house, make sure all of your doors and windows are locked, even those on the second story.
  • Light up – install sensor lights around the exterior of your house so that would-be thieves are not able to hide in the shadows. You should also install timers on a couple of lights inside your house to go off at different times so that your home does not stay dark the whole time you are away.
  • Pay up – make sure your bills are all paid before you leave, especially your electric bill. Not only will it help you to relax while you are on vacation, but it will also make sure that all electric systems in your house, including your alarm system, continue working while you are away.
  • Check up – ask a trusted neighbor or close friend to check up on your house periodically while you are away. Having someone go in and out of your house will help it look occupied, even if they are only visiting for an hour or two.

Before you leave, take a look at your homeowners insurance policy to ensure you have the coverage you deserve while away. Contact the insurance professionals at Saks Insurance Agency in Mesa, Arizona for all of your home insurance needs this holiday season.