Do You Follow The Three Second Rule?

Safe Driving Tips

Rear end collisions are one of the most common accidents on the road. A rear end collision occurs when the driver in the back does not have enough time to safely react to the slowing or stopped traffic up ahead. Following the three second rule can help you prevent a rear end collision on the road.

To help keep you safe, the National Safety Council recommends that you keep a minimum three second following distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Increasing the distance between you and the car in front of your vehicle can help to give you the time that you need to respond safely to any hazard that you see.

It is very easy to follow the three second rule in your car. Pick a stationary object on the road, such as an overhead sign or roadside marker, and note when the car in front of yours passes the object. Once the car passes it, count to see how many seconds it takes you to reach the same spot. If it is less than three seconds, back off and increase your following distance.

The three second rule is ideal for all passenger vehicles during ideal weather and road conditions. When visibility is reduced due to fog, or any other adverse weather conditions, increase your following distance. If you are towing a trailer or driving a larger vehicle, such as a motorhome, your following distance should always be more than three seconds since it will take more time for you to stop.

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