Saks Insurance Of Mesa, AZ – Business Owners Policy and General Liability Insurance

If you’re looking for insurance for a business of any size, you have a few key options with regards to how to proceed. The main types of business insurance that you should concern yourself with include a business owner policy (also referred to as BOP), general liability, professional liability, commercial auto and property and workers compensation.

A business owner policy is a special type of insurance package for small business owners that combines coverage for all liability risks and major property risks into one package. All levels of protection are assembled into the same package for the convenience of business owners everywhere. A general liability policy is a standard type of business insurance policy issued to an organization to protect them from things like bodily injury, property damage and more that may arise out of the products or services that they offer.

Commercial auto and property insurance is specifically designed to protect both your business itself and any vehicles that you use for business from a wide variety of different types of situations. If you own a car that is used exclusively for business, for example, you’ll need a solid commercial auto and property insurance policy to make sure that it is protected while in use.

Worker’s compensation insurance is designed to act as a type of wage replacement insurance for employees who may be injured on the job. If an employee gets injured, his or her wages while they are away will be covered by the insurance policy instead of out of your own pocket.

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Professional liability business insurance is designed to give business owners an overview of the types of situations that they may be exposing themselves to through their general day to day operations. It will act as a guide and an analysis for situations that may require certain types of policies.