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Why Use An Independent Agent [Video]

Texting and teen drivers: 5 things parents must know

Your teen receives a text. Thumbs flash, head bends forward, eyes only on the tiny screen in hand; the urge to connect, nearly irresistible. It is hard to imagine your teen (or any other teen) not responding. But that is exactly what young drivers must do to help stay safe on the road. Considering teens’ desire Read More

Try This Light and Delicious Spring Recipe!

Spring Recipe With the weather heating up, it is the perfect time to find a new light and healthy recipe that the whole family can enjoy together. Try out this delicious strawberry, pistachio, and goat cheese pizza recipe this season. You will need: 1 12 ounce pre-baked pizza crust 1/3 cup, or 3 ounces, crumbled Read More

Fourteen secrets of really persuasive people

Whether you’re convincing your boss to fund your project or your preschooler to wipe his own hiney after using the bathroom, persuasion is a skill that’s instrumental to your success in life. Persuasive people have an uncanny ability to get you leaning toward their way of thinking. Their secret weapon is likeability. They get you Read More