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Top 10 Ways to Honor a Veteran on Veterans Day

Americans celebrate Memorial Day in the spring and Veterans Day in the fall. While it can be easy to confuse the two holidays, Memorial Day is set aside to honor America’s war dead; Veterans Day is intended to honor the service of all U.S. veterans, both living and dead. In fact, celebrations surrounding Veterans Day Read More

Halloween Safety: 5 Questions to Ask to Keep Your Haunting Brood Safe on Halloween

Halloween in Arizona involves walking around at night amongst ghost, ghouls and witches, it really only takes a little common sense to make the night safe for everyone. Here are five questions to ask so your entire family, even pets, can enjoy a safe and fun evening of trick-or-treating or handing out candy to others: Read More

How to protect your most cherished possessions

If you’re like most people, there are certain items you own that you can’t imagine ever losing—possessions you deeply cherish or those that would be impossible to replace due to the cost of re-purchasing them or simply because they’re irreplaceable.   While your homeowners insurance is invaluable for covering the loss or destruction of many Read More

I’m borrowing my friend’s car … am I covered?

Most people have an idea of what’s covered and not covered under their various insurance policies. But at Saks Insurance, LLC., we get a lot of questions about borrowing or loaning a car. Now that fall is here, and you might be looking to borrow your neighbor’s truck for a home-improvement project or a trip Read More