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The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars and Trucks According to The National Crime Bureau.

Honda Accord Honda Civic Toyota Camry Toyota Corolla Chevy Silverado Acura Integra Cadillac Escalade Ford F350 Nissan Altima Chevy Tahoe Arizona is number 7 on the top 10 states with the highest amount of auto thefts. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your car is always where it should be. If you are Read More

Can Traffic Tickets Save Lives?

Each year, more than a million people are killed in car crashes, and more than 25 million people are permanently disabled due to car accidents. There is new research that suggests that getting a traffic ticket may actually help to save lives  According to studies done in Canada and California getting a traffic ticket can Read More

The Diving Lady.

The Diving Lady first appeared in Mesa in 1960, and has remained one of the most recognizable landmarks in the area for the past 50 years. The sign towers over The Starlite Motel on Main Street in Mesa, AZ. At a height of 78 feet,The Diving Lady was originally over the pool and gave anyone Read More

Renter’s Insurance 101

Imagine you get back to your apartment after a long day of work to find your entire apartment flooded, and your valuable possessions ruined! Were you smart enough to purchase a renter’s insurance policy? If not, you could be facing major financial difficulties. When you rent a property your belongings are not covered under their Read More